Beavering away pays off with lots of badges

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A ‘quiet’ eight-year-old boy has beaten speech difficulties and won every badge possible with the Beavers.

Corey Langridge, from Three Bridges, was awarded seven Beaver badges last week, to make a total of 24 - the most possible for a Beaver to achieve during their two year membership.

The hardworking boy was diagnosed with a speech delay when he was younger which meant he took longer than other children to reach speech development milestones. This meant he needed extra support in school and found it difficult to speak in public.

Corey’s mum, Sarah Clapp, 38, is an assistant leader at Corey’s group and said that being a Beaver has built his confidence with speaking.

She said: “In Beavers we do things as a whole group so he doesn’t have to do talking on his own. I think it’s definitely improved his confidence.

“I am one proud Mummy at the moment.”

Corey, who attends weekly swimming classes, said he most enjoyed doing challenges to get the swimming badge.

He said: “It was fun doing the swimming. I did doggy paddle and a somersault.”

Sarah said when Corey joins the Cubs in the new term she will no longer be leading his group.

She said: “Cubs is going to be even more of an experience because I won’t be involved.

“I am sad Corey’s time as a beaver is coming to an end but he is excited about becoming a cub and hopefully it will bring some new and exciting challenges for him. It’ll be good for him and for his independence.”

Beavers who achieve six challenge badges are presented the Chief Bronze Scout Award by the Mayor of Crawley, Cllr Keith Blake.

Sarah said: “Seeing him be awarded the Chief Bronze Scout Award was my proudest moment. That was quite a big deal.”

Chris Harris, leader of the 5th Crawley Beaver and Scout unit, said: “Corey has been in the group since I joined them and has always been an enthusiastic and hard working member of the Colony.

“Although fairly quiet when he started, he has grown into an active Beaver, putting everything he can into our activities and becoming a role model for the younger children as a Lodge Leader and one of our senior Beavers.