Barber is ‘unrecognisable’ to clients after losing eight stone

Jimmy before and after losing eight stone
Jimmy before and after losing eight stone
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When barber Jimmy Philippou, 33, made a New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds, he didn’t expect to end up unrecognisable to his regulars.

But the stylist at Jimmy’s Barbers in High Street, Haywards Heath, managed a transformation most people can only dream of.

When he started his personal programme in January 2013, Jimmy weighed 21 stone and had a 48 inch chest. Nine months later he had lost more than eight stone and had dropped to a 32 inch chest.

Jimmy, who lives in Burgess Hill, said:“I tried to lose weight before on my own. I joined the gym, went three or four times and then lost interest.

“I have always been into fitness and exercise and I have always played a lot of football and squash and then gradually that stopped and obviously the weight piles on.”

When he first started Jimmy did not think he could achieve what he has.

He booked himself a holiday as motivation and an image of running around the pool with his kids kept him going throughout the tough stages.

Jimmy’s customers now struggle to tell if Jimmy is working or not as they no longer recognise him.

“I’d be cutting someone’s hair and at the end of the hair cut they say to me is the boss here still, is Jimmy here?

“I would say yes it is me, I’m still here and they sort of get a bit of a shock when they see me and realise I’m him.”

Jimmy found out about his weight loss programme whilst cutting Jerome Bolze’s hair just before Christmas 2012.

Jerome works as a personal trainer for The Performance Project, Haywards Heath, and created Jimmy’s programme which saw him work on both weights and cardio at the gym four times a week.

It is not only his appearance that has changed.

Jimmy’s wedding ring is now four times smaller than before and he has managed to drop shirt sizes from an XXXL to a satisfying medium.

His sleep apnoea has also been cured due to this workout and he can now enjoy being active with his children.

Jimmy says all this has been achieved without him having to give up eating any of his favourite meals and he has still been able to go out to dinner with family and friends.

Jerome said: “Jimmy has lost over eight stone and is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever come across.

“He has followed all advice and has never once gone off track.

“The results speak for themselves.”