Arundel youth counselling service launched

JPCT 060114 S14020660x  ARUNDEL , Lanes Counselling success. Charlotte Lane,  Louise Cyffin and Caroline Lane -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 060114 S14020660x ARUNDEL , Lanes Counselling success. Charlotte Lane, Louise Cyffin and Caroline Lane -photo by Steve Cobb

The mother and daughter team behind a family counselling centre are ‘thrilled’ to be expanding their business after a rapid growth in clientèle.

“It’s exciting, I don’t think we ever expected it to happen so fast. I’m thrilled,” said daughter Charlotte Lane.

Launched in September, Lanes Counselling - located in The Old Printing Works, Tarrant Street, Arundel - has now introduced a counselling service for youths between five and 16 years old.

To take on this new role, mother Caroline Lane and the team have brought in new recruit Louise Cyffin, who believes that counselling for children is more relevant today than ever before.

“In my opinion there’s a lot more children today who deal with Facebook bullying, Twitter, all that stuff - it’s huge,” said Louise.

Caroline added: “It’s overlooked greatly at school, because no school wants to put their hand up over a child who is being bullied, whether it’s by a teacher or another pupil, they want to push it under the carpet.”

To combat this, Lanes Counselling is planning to visit schools in the near future with a series of workshops to help youths cope with the stresses of everyday life.

“Schools have got pastoral care, which are not qualified counsellors,” continued Caroline. “The workshops might get a few of them talking, because some may not want to get one-to-one counselling. People open up in different ways.”

With five years of experience under her belt, Louise uses different methods to help each youth relax and open up about their feelings, whether it is a child dabbling in a sandpit, or a teenager playing a board game.

“I use a lot of creative therapies. I find if children are doing something then they’re more likely to talk, and it doesn’t matter what they say, it’s just getting out what they feel,” said Louise.

Already offering a range of support from relationships and family discord to depression and bereavement, the team are now looking to build a relationship with social service, doctors’ surgeries and schools to make children aware of the support.

Featuring two beautifully designed rooms complemented by ambient music, Lanes Counselling is tucked away in The Old Printing Works arcade and is open for appointments.

The team offer a confidential and non-judgmental environment for anyone.

For more details, visit, call 01903 882613, or email