Arundel Castle’s Medieval magic

ARUNDEL Castle will weave its medieval magic with a weekend of hands-on history as it hosts a celebration of life through the Middle Ages (April 28/29).

The 11th century Castle, now the stately home of the Duke of Norfolk, invites visitors to travel back to medieval times with a packed programme of historical re-enactment including live combat.

This weekend sees Medieval Days in the Keep – events for all the family. “From an earth-and-timber motte and bailey castle of 1067, to the magnificent Medieval castle of 1485, Arundel Castle grew and evolved throughout the 400 years of the Medieval Period”, says the Castle Manager Bryan McDonald, “so it is highly appropriate to feature this period”.

The Castle and its owners weathered political upheavals, two sieges, rebellions and plagues. Reflecting this fascinating period of history Raven Tor will be demonstrating crafts, fashions, arms and armour, and fighting techniques in the Keep at the Castle. From knights, archers, servants and priest, visitors will have a real opportunity to have a hands-on-history experience of the Middle Ages.

Raven Tor founder Paul Ullson said the group worked hard to ensure the re-enactments were as authentic as possible. “This will be a wonderfully atmospheric occasion which will see the Arundel Castle Keep in all its historic glory.”