Archive dismay

AS a regular user of West Sussex Record Office (WSRO), Kim Leslie’s letter (WSG, 13 July) dismays me. Travelling around the country in the course of my research I can confirm to WSCC that in WSRO they have created a resource currently second to none. Just as importantly, the staff there are always pleasant and helpful - a facet which makes a big difference when researching and not found everywhere.

While everyone acknowledges that the national financial situation bequeathed by the previous government has to be rectified and local government has a part to play in that task, indiscriminate and unjustifiable cuts must not be allowed.

For a purpose-designed and built facility such as WSRO to be reduced in size and capability when elected members of WSCC are enjoying lavish allowances and directors are on top salaries, proposals for WSRO look like cultural vandalism.

As the government is promoting greater localism for decision-making, why not allow users of services to have a say in the issues?

David Rowley