Angry Slaugham author’s novel to fight against animal cruelty

Colin Smith, author of Rare Earth. Pic Steve Robards
Colin Smith, author of Rare Earth. Pic Steve Robards

A Slaugham author is trying to fight against ‘human beings’ callous disregard for defenceless animals’ by raising money for charity with his first novel.

Colin Smith, 66, from Slaugham, will donate all proceeds made from his first novel, Rare Earth, to a charity that protects animal rights.

Colin said: “I’ve spent a greal deal of time in Africa, you learn to love and respect the animals.

“When you get close to an elephant you realise how close we are to them, you empathise with them, so why are people killing them?”

He describes the book as ‘faction’, as characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination, but the ‘torture and slaughter methods used are all real’.

“Soon there won’t be any animals left,” Colin continued.

“People take the horn and the skin but the rest of the animal is no use, you can’t eat the meat, it’s just left where it is to rot, it’s outrageous.”

The novel depicts the brutal industry of elephant and rhino poaching and the author said it is ‘not a nice book’.

Colin has lived in Slaugham for 15 years, most of his life as an inventor, best known for his work with UV fly traps.

He has not decided which charity the proceeds of Rare Earth will go to yet, as he is waiting for a charity to convince him that they have a plan to combat poaching and animal cruelty.

“I’m astonished that a great deal of people don’t realise the extent of it, it’s a grim picture,” Colin said.

“It’s a huge industry, 22,000 elephants were killed last year for their tusks.

“A lot of rich people are paying to go around the world to shoot endangered species for fun.

“They’re useless at shooting and they’re cowards so the animals are drugged or tethered, it’s got to stop.”

Rare Earth was published last month by and is available on Amazon.

Colin dedicates his book ‘to all the defenceless animals which have been slaughtered by man in his mindless obsession with killing, trophy taking, and quack medications’.

It is intended to be ‘an expose of the global industry which kills animals for their horns, ivory and other body parts. It is a shocking revelation of mans greed, ignorance and callous disregard for defenceless animals and fellow human beings’.