Anger over Haywards Heath memorial garden branding

Burrell Road Business Park Commemorative Garden sign. Pic Steve Robards
Burrell Road Business Park Commemorative Garden sign. Pic Steve Robards

A prominent advertising sign at the new Haywards Heath memorial garden has been described as ‘unsavoury’ by a nearby resident.

The sign at the poppy garden on Burrell Road recognises it’s sponsors from the nearby business park who gave financial support to the development of the garden.

Yvonne Barnes said: “You don’t give money to charity and expect recognition, you give it to help that particular cause, it’s in memory of men who gave their lives, not their money.”

“People are sitting on a bench thinking of their dead, it’s not in keeping with the emotions of a memorial site,” she explained.

The poppy garden was opened last Monday to commemorate the start of the First World War.

Yvonne continued: “To have advertising at a memorial site is particularly unsavoury, I think it’s sick, it could be further down or smaller, there’s not one at Muster Green!”

Haywards Heath town mayor Sandy Ellis said: “The suggestion of regenerating the land was brought to the Town Council by local businesses because they care about the Town and the local environment in which the their establishments are based.

“Without their support and financial input and that of Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council the project to keep this garden, which was a derelict scrub land, in prime condition for future generations to enjoy, and act as a tribute to those who fell during WW1 to protect our town and its community, could not have been delivered.

“This input needed to be recognised by a sponsorship sign and reflect the community spirit which has been fostered during the development of the garden.”