Andrew Tyrie treated with ‘contempt’ over academy

OWNER of the Trotton Garden centre Aylings said he was ‘horrified’ by the ‘contemptuous’ way MP Andrew Tyrie has been treated over his Durand academy concerns.

Chris Adam was so concerned about the controversial proposals for the boarding academy at Stedham that he wrote to Mr Tyrie.

His MP wrote back to him saying he also had concerns about aspects of the development, in particular he was worried about road access.

But he told Mr Adam, although he had been trying to get a meeting with schools minister Lord Nash: “So far he has chosen not to see me.”

He wrote again asking him to reconsider and after querying the fact he had not had a reply, he was informed his letter had gone missing.

Mr Adam said he read Mr Tyrie’s letter with horror.

“Central Government is treating our MP - our elected representative with contempt.

“For the first time in my 61 years I didn’t vote Conservative in the latest local elections.

“I was not alone.”

Mr Adam told the Observer when he first heard of the development of the St Cuthman’s site for the students of the Durand Academy he had been in favour.

“I remember the site as it was as the old school.

“I had visited the old school on several occasions and had been given a tour and was impressed by the standards and atmosphere. When I saw the plans for the proposed new development I was appalled at what would be an enormous development on a site in the newest National Park. Durand Academy is a commercial enterprise after all.

“As we are at least in theory living in a democracy I contacted my MP to voice my concerns.”