Ancient Ancestors museum at school

William Penn pupils bookmark making SUS-141216-111102001
William Penn pupils bookmark making SUS-141216-111102001

On Wednesday 10th December, the Year 3 and 4 children in Fry Class, at William Penn Primary opened their doors inviting in parents and pupils to their Ancient Ancestors museum.

They showed artefacts from as far back as the Stone Age, with a selection of carefully crafted replica Stonehenges. The children also showed a vast hoard of Iron Age Torcs, necklaces worn by Celtic royalty over 2,000 years ago and a model Hill Fort.

Alongside videoed news reports, the children offered bookmark making with the Celtic alphabet.

Each child had taken on a role, from ticket office, expert guides, welcoming stewards and even specialist bookmark makers.

The parents were very impressed by the children’s historical knowledge as they talked passionately and eloquently about the various exhibits. Fry class really enjoyed showcasing all their hard work this term.

Report and picture contributed by William Penn Primary School.