‘An accident waiting to happen’ on A264

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Your views

Motorists have labelled the new roundabout at a housing development on the A264 an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

The new three-lane roundabout between Bewbush and Faygate was created in preparation for an access road to the new development of 2,500 homes West of Bewbush by developer Crest Nicholson.

The new access lane is not open yet and as drivers rarely need to stop at the roundabout they approach it at a faster speed than they would most roundabouts.

This speed makes it hard to follow the curve of the lane and so many drivers merge into the lane on the right to take a more direct route.

Motorists have flooded the Crawley Observer Facebook page with their thoughts on the design.

Charmaine Cane said: “When you approach from Crawley to Horsham the lanes are very confusing, as you approach the roundabout it’s two lanes then three once you are on it. I think once traffic starts to go to the new estate there will be accidents.”

Mandy Knight agreed: “As I have to drive pass that roundabout every day I find it too sharp and it’s hard to keep in the right lane and I have been cut up on it by another driver and it is a accident waiting to happen.”

Mike Bradley pointed out that large HGV drivers find it hard to keep their trailers in their lane.

Some said it was the drivers caused the problem.

Andy Clark said: “It’s a bit unusual to say the least but just means you have to slow down to stay in the correct lane, but slowing down appears to be impossible to some drivers.”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “This issue was raised at a recent Road Safety Audit undertaken by the County Council.

“It has been referred back to the developers’ design consultant to establish what changes can be made in the short term. It is anticipated that once the new development access is in use, motorists leaving it will influence the southbound traffic speed.

“This will improve lane discipline and we believe the problem will diminish.”