Alien invasion takes over primary school

Lewis Taylor and Macie Poole
Lewis Taylor and Macie Poole

ALIENS from outer space invaded a primary school in Southwick striking fear among teachers and pupils alike.

But it turned out the extraterrestrial visitors were actually children in year-one who had come to school in fancy dress, as part of a unit about adventure stories.

The 59 little green boys and girls came in costumes inspired by classic science -fiction films such as Star Wars, Men In Black and Alien and TV show Doctor Who.

Year-one teacher and key stage one leader Jake Terrill said the costumes had been completely out of this world.

“Clearly a lot of effort went in from parents and carers at home,” he said.

“Every year we are completely bowled over by the amount of effort that goes into the costumes.”

The children acted out their own adventure stories where a spaceman or an alien had landed at their houses, and they had to help them return to outer space by building a rocket or any way they liked.

They ended up writing their own stories at the end of the day.

Mr Terrill brought in his own personal collection of vintage Star Wars action figures for the children to look at and play with, which he said they all enjoyed.

“They all had a great time,” said Mr Terrill.

“They were very positive and excited by it all and came out with some really good ideas for their stories.”

Mr Terrill said the highlight of the day was the looks on the children’s faces when he and fellow year-one teacher Clare Jackson walked out to collect the children from the playground in the morning wearing storm trooper and Darth Vader helmets.