Alice to set up guide units in the Gambia

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A brownies leader is raising £2,500 to go to Africa to train leaders and set up new girlguiding units.

Alice Cannon, 27, from Ifield, will travel to The Gambia for three weeks in September to help local guides to develop their leadership and business skills.

The volunteer leader for St Buckwood Brownies, in Gossops Green, will stay in the Gambian girlguiding head quarters.

There she will help to recruit and train new girlguiding leaders and set up some guiding units within Gambia’s capital, and in the surrounding poorer towns.

This will be the biggest adventure of her life after only travelling as far as Paris for a weekend.

She said: “Travelling to the Gambia is going to be an experience I will never forget I can’t wait to make a real change.

“The main aim and objective of the project is to assist the members of Gambian Girl Guides to enable them to develop their potentials to become responsible citizens.”

Alice, who is also a cubs leader, won the opportunity through an annual project run by Girlguiding UK called Guiding Oversees Linked Development (GOLD).

She and five other girlguiding leaders from around the UK will take resources with them and set up some girlguiding units in the centre before they travel along the river, setting up smaller units in poorer villages.

She said: “In the poorer communities, there is currently little guiding or a lack of general social provisions for young women.

“We will travel to the poorer areas and set up units there and help people there improve their skills to help them in employment.

“We will provide lessons on decision making, personal development and leadership as well as IT and business skills.”

Alice has put many hours into planning classes with the other leaders through online conferences.

The hard working volunteer must also raise £2,500 to cover the cost of travel, resources and any equipment or medicines she may need.

She has raised £1,800 so far through archery classes and craft stalls.

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