Alcohol harm reduction week in Worthing

Officers pose for a photograph with a reveller
Officers pose for a photograph with a reveller

IRRESPONSIBLE drinking is currently under the spotlight.

With the proposed idea for ‘drunk tanks’, where revellers who have had one too many spend the night in a privately-run cell and have to pay a hefty sum the next day, and TV series’ which showcase binge drinking as the cause of fights and ill-health for party goers, the alcohol awareness campaign seems well-timed.

So it was with great interest that I accompanied Sergeant Joanne Webb and Safer Communities Partnership team member Shaun Polley on patrol in Worthing town centre on Saturday night.

Sgt Webb said: “We are about think safe, drink safe. Planning your evening, being safe about what drinks you consume, staying with friends and not accepting drinks from strangers.

“We don’t want to have to take people to the cells. We don’t want to pick up the pieces of a knife fight or a brawl. By trying to raise awareness we work for a safer Worthing.”

A number of initiatives were rolled out to make an impact on revellers and to spread the message across the town. Think safe, drive safe posters were created and circulated in taxis highlighting safe drinking options, a crash car and ‘taxi police car’ were placed in the town centre, and a knife arch was implemented at One club on Friday night and Occasions club on Saturday night.

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, September 26.