Adur Photographic Society launch success

THE launch of Adur Photographic Society proved popular, with 30 members already signed up.

An inaugural meeting and membership drive was held at Southwick Community Centre last week.

Dennis Hunt, treasurer and programme secretary, said: “It went much better than expected.”

He said they planned to limit membership to around 45 people, with the first exhibition planned for August 10 at the Holmbush Centre in Shoreham.

Mr Hunt added: “We have set ourselves up to be different to all other local clubs, which run on a very similar basis, whereby they have a dozen competitions a year and batches of invited speakers.

“What they mostly appear to lack is actual photography and for a new inexperienced member joining them, there is often a shortage of practical advice.”

The club is aiming to be a self-help group, where members decide the season’s programme and any specific topics to focus on.

“We will be going back to basics with instruction on the multitude of controls and settings on modern cameras and the benefits/effects of using them,” Mr Hunt added.

“We will also be doing in-house tutorials on post processing, using all the most popular photographic software.”

Exciting projects for the future include unprecedented access to Shoreham Harbour and Shoreham RNLI, where members will be able to go out on exercise with the crew.

The club will not be adopting a competition scoring system. Instead, judges will give in-depth critiques and constructive advice.

Mr Hunt said: “From the response so far, there appears to be a genuine need for this type of hands-on photographic group and our set-up can, in fact, run alongside the traditional camera clubs.

“We are not setting out to poach members to fill our seats but offer them a more hands-on practical alternative.”

The exhibition will be held in the atrium at the Holmbush Centre on Saturday, August 10, from 9am to 4.30pm.