A passion for success

SHOREHAM Churches Together is ‘floating on cloud nine’ after the success of A Passion for Shoreham.

The three-day, open-air theatre event saw live performances on Shoreham Beach and in Shoreham town centre, after 18 months of planning.

S25737H13 Crowds enjoy A Passion for Shoreham in East Street

S25737H13 Crowds enjoy A Passion for Shoreham in East Street

The Rev Gail Souppouris, chair of the planning group, said: “We are floating around on cloud nine at the moment.

“The weather was surprisingly kind, it was forecast to be anxiety-provoking weather but it ended up being remarkably good weather.”

Audiences of around 200 turned up at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Friday and in East Street on Saturday, and around 350 watched the finale at Shoreham Fort on Sunday.

Gail explained the event was originally planned as a small affair to celebrate the centenary of the Church of the Good Shepherd, where she is priest-in-charge.

“But once our friends and neighbours at other churches in the area heard about it, they wanted to get involved. And we are so pleased they did!”

They were able to cover all their costs, and raise money for three charities, the Marlipins Museum, Shoreham Fort and Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve, with £120 going to each.

More will be added from the sale of a DVD, which is being put together by the team.

Gail said: “The final day was remarkable – actors came up trumps, people were in tears and felt incredible blessed to be part of it. The feedback was univeraslly positive “

She admitted it was not all perfect, so a review meeting would be held to enable them to do things better if it is ever repeated.

The first evening, there was as sound problem and a microphone fell into salt water, but overall it had been a moving experience.

Various local musicians and schoolchildren performed alongside the performances, including some music composed for the event by Shoreham guitarist Richard Durrant.

Gail concluded: “Paul Muzzall, who played Jesus, had never acted before and he was remarkable. I’m speechless really.

“We were taking the story from the dusty pages of the Bible and making it real – that was our aim.”