A board issues

I NOTICED your letter from Paul Cresswell of Old Bosham complaining of the A boards he found in Littlehampton ‘scattered like land mines’ and ‘spoiled his visit?’

It is people like Mr Cresswell who have successfully dragged this country to its knees providing us with legislation, he quotes the Highways Act 1980, which does not help the small businessman or trader.

The A boards admittedly can be a nuisance. I have personal experience with the partially sighted and blind and well aware of the small problems this can cause, but no more than street lamps, dog bins, litter bins, RoyalMail letter boxes and the like.

Would he complain of the cafes where people can have coffee and tea at their leisure.

In Europe they appear to manage well and have the same issues to deal with and more so with pavement parking in many French streets?

My company deals with many of these small traders and shopkeepers and I know how hard business has been and they do need every help with advertising and less onerous legislation hindering this sector of the business world.

There are now signs (sic) Local Authorities are now taking a pragmatic and sensible view on these positions.

I would like to thank Mr Cresswell for shopping in Littlehampton and trust he returns again, but spare a thought for all the shopkeepers as well. If they go he will have no Littlehampton, no Emsworth, no Bognor and no Worthing etc to visit! After all do we need a completely sanitised world in which to live?

Visit Geneva and see what character the streets take on there.

Andrew Aldridge

Commercial Property Associates