A-board dismay

MY recent visit to Littlehampton was spoiled by the proliferation of advertising A-boards scattered like landmines in the town.

These A-boards, as well as being unlawful under section 135 of the Highways Act 1980, pose a hazard to the mobility-impaired and visually impaired, the latter group of whom I am one.

A step towards the regeneration of the town would be the removal of these scruffy, tawdry boards that really give the area such a poor image.

Those selfish shopkeepers who regard the public pavement as their property should remember that few people are going to patronise their business after being inconvenienced by their A-board, and that creating a “no go” area for the the vunerable groups in society will lead to a “no spend” policy by those groups in return.

Paul Cresswell

Merryweather Road

Old Bosham