A big thank you to you all

SEAN Goulding, his father Paul and myself (Antonella Goulding) wish to express our appreciation and thanks to everyone who has written such beautiful overwhelming comments on facebook and sent so many beautiful cards. They have been such a comfort to us.

All of Lucy’s friends for organizing a lovely and thoughtful tribute for Lucy at Goring Gap on Friday 28 June - the night when they should have been attending their prom. I believe they are also planning various events to raise money for Lucy’s fund. Particularly I would like to thank Alexis, Amy, Holly, Sarah, Hannah, Jesol, Jennifer, Chris and Jack for being such good friends to my Lucy.

All of Sean’s friends who have been very close to Sean especially: Noah Bennison, Ben Collins, Ben Coulson, Ciaran Hill, Luke Ramsey, Ethan Pickering, William Newnham, Billy Akehurst and Luke Humphrey.

A huge thank you to all members of staff at Chatsmore Catholic High School and in particular to Mr Madden, Mr Walden and the whole of the music department for having given so much of their precious time and support.

Thank you to Father Chris for organizing such a beautiful service at St.Michael’s Church on 11 Lucy must have been so amazed and happy to see how many people turned up and to hear how much she was loved by everyone.

A special thank you goes to Livio and Vicky Martinkovic, director of RGD Printing Company for their time, invaluable caring support in preparing a beautiful photo collage of Lucy, for the printing of all of the order of service leaflets and all cards all free of charge. They have been absolutely amazing.

A thank you also goes to Tesco store, which has been so helpful in transferring Lucy’s pictures on to a

CD and for the printing of all her photographs from her Ipod.

A huge thank you also goes to Debbie Ramsey and all her friends for taking care of the catering at Lucy’s funeral.

A thank you also goes to Lucy’s cousin Anna Maria for travelling from Los Angeles to come and say goodbye to our Lucy.

I would also like to show my gratitude and thanks to Nicola Ciaramella, proprietor of ‘La Campania’ restaurant in Arundel, for believing in Lucy and giving her a job when everyone else wouldn’t – I have never known anybody so happy whenever she had to go to work. And of course to all members of staff who she once described as her ‘second family’.

And of course a huge thank you goes to all of my family including my partner David, my work colleagues and to my special friends who have been absolute rocks to me, who stood by me, day after day – in particular: Fiona Chadburn, Kim Dion, Helen Coulson, Rosetta Humphrey. Linda Hill and of course Sean’s Godmother, Marilena who has come all the way from Italy to be with Sean.

I would also like to thank the Camelia Botnar Foundation for donating an acer tree for my garden in memory of Lucy.

I just cannot thank all of you enough for all the strength and support that you have given us and most importantly for all the love and respect you have shown for my Lucy.

Antonella Goulding