£100,000 scheme to keep the lights on in Worthing

A £100,000 project has been completed to kit out an electricity substation in Worthing town centre with new equipment to maintain reliable power supplies.

Two new transformers, switchgear and 50 metres of underground cables have been installed at the existing substation site, near Worthing Pier, to connect the new plant to the network in the street. The refurbished substation is part of the essential infrastructure that keeps the lights on in the town centre, enabling people to go about their daily lives.

UK Power Networks, which owns and operates the electricity system serving a quarter of Britain, including the South East, carried out the project as part of its £360million annual investment programme.

Work started in July and the main electrical installation jobs are now complete. All the work was done without interrupting customer power supplies thanks to electrical engineers reconfiguring the network to serve customers via other substations and circuits.

Two transformers, each weighing about four tonnes, were carefully lifted into position via a crane to replace the existing equipment. The new transformers receive electricity at 11,000 volts from the network upstream and convert it to 415 volts so it can be delivered to homes and businesses locally.

Clive Bridgewater, project manager at UK Power Networks, said: “We are constantly investing in our networks to ensure we deliver the most reliable power supplies possible for our customers. The new equipment at this substation will serve the people of Worthing well for many years to come.

“This is a town centre substation where we worked in a relatively small area. We were innovative with the way we installed the new equipment so that our engineers will be able to safely inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure reliable power supplies into the future.”

During the five years to 2015, UK Power Networks plans to implement infrastructure investments of approximately £1.8billion across its power networks.