Stunning images in postcard size

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Stunning images from Independent Photography in the South East - which features members from as far afield as Brighton, Worthing, Winchester, Portsmouth and Southampton - are on show in postcard size at Horsham’s Capitol (until September 5).

Show spokeswoman Sue Fallon explained: “This particular exhibition Greetings from Ipse is a new departure for the group.

“Due to the number of members a decision was taken to scale down the size of the images to postcard-size to fit the wonderful new space on offer at the Capitol Gallery.

“It has natural light from magnificent Art Deco windows that overlook the foyer below, and modern gallery spot lighting.

“Twenty four members of the group are showing their work on the walls and there are also display cabinets with hand-made books, some fantastic small sculptural pieces, encausted-wax work and other interesting, photography-related, objects.

“The take on the postcard theme is imaginatively creative, varied and colourful. Jill Staple’s painterly, abstract work is a series of landscape images from the Isle of Wight collaged together. Jeff Hutchinson combines text and black and white images and his is a quirky take on two elderly Northern ladies discussing a new gallery or a neighbour.

“Others, such as Josephine Evans, Beautiful Sussex –Wish You Were Here, have used the postcard theme in a more direct way. She has looked at alternative views to the conventionally beautiful.

“Tim Morris and David Malarkey have jointly produced the spiral-bound postcard catalogues of the exhibition; on sale for £5. You can use the cards. Tim is showing some work from the Hebrides, stunning black and white Sandscapes. Geometrical objects, draped furniture, shoes, books, factories, submarines, reflections and flashes of coloured light – the breadth of the exhibition is amazing.

“To cap it all one member of the group, Michael Vogt, is showing postcard images of his work In Ruins, currently on show at the Royal Academy Summer show. You glimpse through from today’s derelict factories to classical ruins beyond. Sue added: “Independent Photography in the South East is an informal group, founded by Jill Staples from Bolney, West Sussex, nearly twenty years ago. Inspired by Paul Hill and Fay Godwin, she started the group who now meet together regularly to share their work, talk photography and hold workshops run by such photographic luminaries as Thomas Joshua Cooper, Eamonn McCabe and Mari Mahr.

“Staging exhibitions is another of their pursuits. This one has been curated by Mick Williamson, the head of the photography department at London Metropolitan University and Kathryn Faulkner who is artist in residence at the University of Arts and lectures at St Martin’s London. It has been organised by Jeff Hutchinson, who used to work in Horsham, and was a devotee of the coffee shop at the Arts Centre, as the Capitol was then called.”

The Gallery is open from 10am-8pm;;