Ringing changes for exhibition

This year’s summer exhibition at Chichester’s Oxmarket Centre of Arts rings the changes with the inclusion of crafts for the first time.

Alongside the painters this year are two ceramicists and a jeweller.

Running until June 25, the exhibition includes Jennifer Allsopp, Liz Cahillane, Ako Danes, Ann Hollaway, Peter Iden, Tuëma Pattie, Brian Stone, John Robinson, Gordon Rushmer, Peter Whiteman and Bridget Woods.

Centre board member John Robinson said: “The idea is to feature prominent local artists that all live within 25 miles of Chichester, but this year we have a departure which is worth recording, including three crafts people for the first time.

“We just ask people to put in whatever they want to put in. It is by invitation, a board decision really. We have a shortlist of people to discuss. We try to choose a variety of work. The variety is of importance because we don’t want it all the same. We try to choose people who are successful and who we think will be interesting.”

Jennifer Allsop and Peter Whiteman will be showing some of their recent ceramic work; Jennifer’s elegant and sophisticated and Peter’s tending to be more whimsical but no less sought after. Liz Cahillane will bring examples of her popular contemporary vintage jewellery creations.

The artists include Ako Danes, with more of her beautiful Japanese style paintings, Ann Hollaway with her lively depiction of animals, and Peter Iden. Tuëma Pattie returns with her dynamic semi-abstract work. Also featured is Gordon Rushmer who works in oils and watercolour and whose subject matter is wide ranging, perhaps including some of his war artist creations from the Middle East.

Brian Stone and John Robinson, with their different styles of acrylic and watercolour, draw a lot of inspiration from the local scene, while Bridget Woods, also working in watercolour, will be showing another selection of her paintings.