Performing in a bath

Port Hall resident Martin Lewton is aiming to become the first performer in the Brighton Fringe Festival to perform in his own bath.

Martin, director of Brighton-based theatre company Theatre North, has decided that his new version of Billy Budd Sailor is best viewed in the bathroom of his Port Hall Place house (aka Fringe Venue 14).

“Billy Budd Sailor is an adult show that connects Herman Melville’s famous story of naval mutiny and male desire with the private life of a gay man getting ready to go out for the evening,” Martin explained. “Hence the bathroom, which also brings some comedy to the story as there are plastic ducks and bubbles galore!”

Martin, who has performed twice before in the Brighton Fringe, added: “It is quite a large bathroom for an ordinary terraced house, and I am performing 36 times.

“I first performed the show in a cold theatre in October, so a warm bath in May will be a luxury – though I’m slightly worried about wrinkling up like a prune!”

Billy Budd Sailor runs from May 8-29 at Fringe Venue 14. Tickets are on sale at