Miss Barlow’s Class of ‘67

Miss Barlow's Class of 1967 at Cuckfield CEP School
Miss Barlow's Class of 1967 at Cuckfield CEP School

Miss Barlow’s class of 1967 at Cuckfield CEP school is well remembered by Alison Markwick, of Grey Alders, Lindfield. who sent us this picture and another, of the 1969 class.

The school later closed to be replaced by a new one and is now known as the Old School, standing next to the village’s impressive Holy Trinity Church.

Alison said: “I can remember most of my classmates’ names, many of whom still live in Mid Sussex and are now grandparents, but there are a few names that I still cannot recall. All the pupils would now be in their mid-fifties.”

From left. Top: Simon de Bruxelles, Clare Whitlock, Jane Kelly?, Unknown, Mark Humphries, Roger Quartley, Anthea Notrums, Aileen Luckhurst? Michael King. Middle: Robert McKenzie, Unknown, Peter White, Susan King, Norma Smith, Unknown, Nicholas Ridley, Martin Malins, Carol Strick. Bottom: Tony Taylor, Susan Roberts, Alison Markwick, Miss Barlow, Sharon Knight, Unknown, Gabrielle Head, Penny Tidey and Ian Moore.