History: Old friends reunited

Roy Allen and Ron Walker
Roy Allen and Ron Walker

Two former RAF buddies have met for the first time in 60 years, thanks to an article printed in Historic Crawley.

Roy Allen, of Wickford, Essex, got in touch after receiving a Christmas card from his old friend Ron Waller.

Both had served in the RAF and were billeted together at Wahn, Germany, for two-and-a-half years between 1952 and 1955, but they had not seen each other for decades.

The Christmas card had no return address and Mr Allen didn’t spot the email address which had been printed on the back of the card.

All he had to go on was a Gatwick postcode.

But, after an appeal was printed asking if anyone knew Mr Waller or his wife Joy, a reunion was on the cards.

The pair were soon exchanging phone numbers and arranging to meet.

In a letter to the Crawley Observer, Mr Allen wrote: “My reunion with my ex-service mate Ron Waller at the Harvester, Sevenoaks, took place on January 21 and it was a very magical and emotional experience.

“We talked for five hours first over coffee then lunch and we will be meeting again soon because, would you believe, we’ve only scratched the surface of 60 years apart.

“Ron’s wife, Joy, buys your paper every week so she was part of the jigsaw coming together, thank goodness.”