Five tips to making your travel dreams a reality


Four years ago Lucy Pearson decided to ditch her day job to follow her dream career of combining her passion for travel and books.

Orginally from Chichester, through her website The Literary Edit she shares news about independent bookstores, new book launches, literary hotels, alongside running literary book workshops
Based in her three favourite cities LA, London and Sydney, Lucy, 33, recently won the Inaugural Book Blogger of the Year Award at the London Book Fair.

Lucy from The Lit Edit

Lucy from The Lit Edit

Here she shares her five tips for making your travel dreams a reality.

1. Establish your online presence
The first step when it comes to making your travel dreams a reality is establishing an online presence so you’re easy for potential followers and fans to find. A website is key so using a free website builder such as to build a beautiful online brand is a great starting point.
Ensure your site is consistent across all social media channels and easy to navigate.
Plus, consistent, good quality content and aesthetically pleasing images make the user experience enjoyable. Think about what you would like to both see and enjoy online and always work with that in mind.

2. Choose your niche
Honing in on your blog’s niche is an integral part of setting yourself apart from other bloggers and ensuring that you stand out online. While there are a wealth of book and travel bloggers around, I was quick to spot a gap in the market and establish myself as a go-to platform for anyone interested in stylish travel with a literary twist.
Consequently, my blog features everything from hotels that have been featured in novels such as The Shelbourne in Dublin, which was mentioned in James Joyce’s Ulysses, to The Bloomsbury Hotel in London, which was influenced by literature’s famous Bloomsbury set, and has everything from novel-inspired cocktails, to a restaurant named after one of Virginia Woolf’s heroines.

3. Create a style and tone of voice
A great way to ensure consistent style and tone of voice across all of your social channels is to create a bit of a ‘brand strategy’ for your blog or business. Identify what tone of voice you want to write in – is it witty? Uplifting? Inspirational? – and remain true to it across the board.
Likewise, for the style of your social – are there specific colours or fonts you favour? Pinpoint these early on in your online journey and be consistent when it comes to the colour palettes of your social accounts and the images you share.



4. Monetise your travels
There are ample ways to monetise your travels depending on where your talent lies.
They range from selling pictures to tourist boards, to collaborating with hotels, to creating downloadable travel guides for a small fee or freelance travel writing for print and online publications.
Never be afraid to contact other bloggers in your industry to find out how they’re earning money; be sure to network wherever you go and strive to make the best possible impression – both professionally and personally – when you travel.

5. Drive followers
While many people opt for the slightly sketchy route of buying followers, being authentic, real and engaging are key factors when it comes to building a loyal legion of fans.
Take time to reply to each and every comment you get, engage with like-minded brands and businesses, and offer tips and helpful advice wherever you are able to do so.

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