American ‘jaw-dropping’ tap

Percussive Feet promises a “jaw-dropping evening of American tap, wild percussive beats and a fabulous array of funk music and dance” (Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton, May 23-25, 9-10pm, £9, £7concs).

Dancer Lee Payne said: “Feet just don’t get any happier than this! With artists from shows such as STOMP, Riverdance, Chicago, Singing in the Rain and many more, this show is bound to get you tapping your toes to its contagious rhythm.

“It was a rainy night in Brighton, the streets are all quiet, all the bars are empty, all except one... The loud exuberant stamps, the flaps and rolls on the floor can be heard to the funky beat that echoes into the night. ‘More’ shouts the crowd ‘do one more!’

“Snapping fingers, clapping hands and scatting songs as the metal of tap shoes smacks down upon floor boards. Elegant grooves and loud riffs fill the atmosphere with heated heads. Just when the night can’t get any hotter the musicians and dancers shift into gear five.

“Everyone is up off their seats, everyone is dancing and shouting as the contagious rhythm fills the room...

“It was at this very un-precise moment that Percussive Feet was conceived. It is the product of over a year’s worth of live jam sessions held between musicians and hoofers. It is a seamless blend of music and dance spouted from the inspiration and legacy of great jazz improvisers such as John Coltrane, to the Raw and exciting energy of modern-day funk.