Google Survey FAQs

Google Consumer Surveys - Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing a survey?
We are trialling Google Consumer Surveys on West Sussex Gazette. We are always looking at different ways to help fund our commitment to quality local news. These surveys generate revenue for us, which in turn helps fund our local editorial team and keep our online content free of charge.
How often will I see a survey?
If you complete a survey you will not see another one for 30 days, though if you don’t complete or skip you may see it again on your next visit.
I’ve answered a survey but seen another within the last 30 days, why?
If you use more than one device to access content on our site or have deleted your cookies, you’re likely to see another survey within 30 days
Can I skip a survey?
Yes, all surveys are skippable, you can also request a different question if the one displayed is not of interest
Why can’t I skip the survey on a Mobile device?
You will need to click on ‘Answer Survey’ as shown in the screenshot below; this will then give you the option to skip the survey.