Cottesmore School welcomes national hockey player

Leah Wilkinson with the school's girls hockey team
Leah Wilkinson with the school's girls hockey team

A national hockey star dropped into a secondary school at Pease Pottage for a special coaching session Cottesmore School welcomed, Wales’ hockey captain, Leah Wilkinson, where she coached staff and pupils.

With hockey being an important sport for the children at Cottesmore, the girls were incredibly excited to meet Leah again following success of her previous visits to the school.

Leah has collected more than 150 caps for Wales and made her Welsh debut as a teenager in 2004. More recently she was appointed assistant director of coaching for Woking Hockey Colts and the school said it was a real occasion for the girls to learn.

The afternoon was spent coaching staff on the astro pitch, with the sports staff participating. Leah then turned her attention to the 1st Girls’ hockey team and enjoyed supper with then after their session.

The entire experience was described by the school as a fantastic opportunity for the Cottesmore girls to learn first-hand about high-octane hockey and what it takes to compete on a national and global stage.

Sian Kerr, head of girls’ games, said: “We were thrilled to welcome Leah back to Cottesmore. Leah is an exceptional role model for our girls; they thoroughly enjoyed their time with her and embraced the opportunity to train with an international player, who imparted words of wisdom on winning matches”.

Leah added: “It was lovely to be back at Cottesmore and to be made to feel so welcome.

“It was great to see the enthusiasm and ability in the team here at Cottesmore and I’m sure they’ll do great things together this season”.

Headmaster Tom Rogerson said: “It was a fantastic event. The pupils had a great time and it was a pleasure to welcome Leah Wilkinson to Cottesmore.”