Ceramic artist Janet Steele visits a Coldwaltham primary school

Working with mosaics
Working with mosaics

Pupils at a Coldwaltham school have been enjoying the help of an artist for many of their projects this term.

St James’ Primary School has had the company of the ceramic artist Janet Steele.

The children first worked with clay to refine their skills and then designed and created a new school mosaic which is to take pride of place at the school entrance.

Sam, a year five pupil, said: “I have enjoyed letting my artistic side just run free when I was doing this project.”

Another pupil said: “The mosaic looks just so wonderful. I am amazed at how quickly it has come together.”

Once the mosaic has been completed, the children will begin work on a giant ceramic artwork which will display the school’s values in the entrance lobby.

There are future plans to create giant art pieces that will adorn the school hall that has been recently decorated.

Headteacher Jon Gilbert said: “St James’ School prides itself on its inclusive ethos and this is just one aspect of the school’s work where the children work together.

“Being a small school with a familial ethos, there are many occasions where the children work collaboratively on projects.”

For more information on St James’ School or to arrange a visit, email office@coldwalthamschool.com or call the school on 01798 872196.

There are currently spaces in most year groups.