Electrified taxi firm launches new delivery van with 80-mile EV range

Electrified taxi firm launches new delivery van with 80-mile EV range
Electrified taxi firm launches new delivery van with 80-mile EV range

The company behind the electrified London taxi has revealed a new eco-friendly van that is say will transform inner city deliveries.

Based on the same platform and hybrid drivetrain as the LEVC TX cab, the new LCV van is designed for businesses operating in low-emissions zones which also need access to out-of-town distribution centres.

Diesel replacement

Its makers say it is aimed at drivers who cover around 100 miles a day and offers a cleaner distribution-to-door solution than the one-tonne diesel vans that currently dominate the sector, as well as offer more flexibility than existing low-emission “last-mile” systems.


Using the same e-City range extender technology as the TX taxi, the LCV will offer 80 miles of all electric running, with a total range of 377 miles.

The thinking behind the van is that operators will drive from distribution centres outside major urban areas using the van’s petrol engine before switching to all-electric running in city centres, where low-emissions zones are becoming commonplace.

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The ‘Amazonisation of retail’

LEVC CEO Joerg Hofmann said: “Future urban transport is already changing rapidly and we have a golden opportunity to bring something new and disruptive to this market.

“The light commercial vehicle sector is the only growing vehicle traffic segment in London. This is due to the rapid rise in internet shopping – the Amazonisation of retail.

“Every day there are 65,000 unique LCV journeys into London, but mobility must not come at the expense of air quality. London’s ULEZ is a blueprint and all major UK cities will introduce a Clean Air Zone by 2020.


“There is huge demand for a medium-sized zero emissions capable light van and the solution we offer will be more than capable of meeting the requirements of a rapidly evolving green logistics market.”

Cheaper ownership

The LCV will be built alongside the TX taxi in Coventry and go on sale in 2020. Full details will be revealed closer to launch but its makers say it will target best-in-class total cost of ownership, thanks to savings in fuel and servicing, as well as class-leading safety technology comfort and ergonomics benchmarked against conventional passenger cars.

Sadiq Khan and Joerg Hofmann with the LEVC LCV van
Joerg Hofmann of LEVC and London Mayor Sadiq Khan unveil the LCV van

The LCV van was unveiled by Mr Hofmann and London Mayor Sadiq Khan at London’s Institution of Engineering and Technology – where the Mayor announced plans to improve the capital’s EV infrastructure, including Installing new ultra-rapid charging points at London petrol stations later this year, creating five charging hubs, with the ability for multiple cars to quickly be charged in one place, and a ‘one-stop-shop’ for Londoners to request new charging infrastructure from their local authority.


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