‘Let’s get Horsham back on the map’: readers react to call to save town’s shops

Free parking, an IKEA and a multi-storey shopping centre - these are the things our readers think could boost Horsham.

When a Horsham business owner issued an appeal for Horsham to save its shops, readers sprang into action to suggest how the town could be improved on the County Times Facebook page.

Horsham town centre aerial view of West Street. SUS-160428-141452001

Horsham town centre aerial view of West Street. SUS-160428-141452001

Lee Buckman said: “I love Horsham, it’s been my home town for 46 years,

“I can remember as a youth that Horsham was a fantastic town.

“Now there’s nothing of interest when 15 minutes down the road is Crawley brimming with everything,

“Let’s get Horsham back on the map as a fantastic town again, please.”

Micky Joyce called for free parking to increase footfall. He said: “It could be limited to 3hrs to stop all day parking.”

Richard Pratt added: “The motor car isn’t going away any time soon so how about all car parks having a short stay free period of say 30 minutes.”

But Elizabeth Weightman thought people should be more concerned with the cost of their vehicles. She said: “Why do people complain about parking charges but happily spend £1000s buying cars?

“I don’t believe they are hard up. They are just tight.”

Mathilda Whythe called for the former Novartis site to be turned into a retail park.

She said Horsham needs an IKEA.

Mathilda added: “Expand Swan Walk Mall with a second floor retail and food hall - think Crawley County Mall and Croydon Whitgift Centre/Centrale Arcade.”

Mike Dancy said shops could act as showrooms for online stores.

He added: “Order on the spot and get it delivered to your door next day.

“Perhaps the big stores could do this for new or non mainstream goods?”

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