Horsham town centre nightlife venue set for a new look

Haz Basal owns Mungo's Bar with his brother Firat
Haz Basal owns Mungo's Bar with his brother Firat

A popular Horsham town centre venue is set for a makeover.

Mungo’s Bar, in Park Place, is getting a new coat of paint and a new interior, to make it more ‘Instagram friendly’, owner Haz Basal said.

Haz, who owns the bar with his brother Firat, wants to cement the bar’s reputation as a destination venue.

He said: “It’s a totally new look. The painters start next week.

“We’re getting new air con units and decoration.

“The goal is to make a better experience for the customers.

“We’re going to provide a better service and good quality drinks.”

Haz added that the renovations, which include removing the archway in the downstairs bar and removing the connecting wall in the bar on the first floor, are to improve the experience for existing customers rather than attract new ones.

He said: “We have got nice comfy seats.

“We have got a lot of tables and things now.

“All the toilets have been done.”

As well as the new look the bar, which first came to Horsham as Raiders around seven years ago, plans to introduce jazz and Latino nights.

Haz added: “I’m thinking on the Fridays. It’s good.”

He hopes the renovations will be completed over the next couple of weeks with the bar staying open throughout.

Haz said: “We welcome feedback from customers. Good ones or bad ones.”

He added that he enjoyed taking part in the Horsham community.

Haz said: “Being in Horsham is good. We’re excited about all the developments [in Piries Place].

“Whatever we do we just keep in the community. My builder is from Horsham.”

He added that he often takes customers to the kebab shop or gets them a taxi.

Haz said: “We make sure that everyone gets home alright.”

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