7 things you never knew about the newest fizz in Sussex

House Coren, a new vineyard which has opened in the Horsham District, has just launched its first product, Boco. Here are seven things you may not know about the new wine and the vineyard based in The Haven.

Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 4:52 pm

1) The House Coren vineyard was planted in May 2020 across eight hectares of undulating land and consists of six varieties across 30,000 vines. The varieties found there are Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir Précoce, affectionately known as Frühburgunder. The vineyard is owned and operated by the Coren family who have lived in the Horsham district for 40 years.

2) The name of House Coren’s first sparkling wine, Boco, is an old Sussex dialect term meaning lots of/much. It’s derived from the French word beaucoup.

3) Boco is made using the Charmat method of winemaking, a technique where the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in a sealed tank, like Prosecco, rather than a bottle, like Champagne is. Unlike Prosecco, Boco by House Coren uses a blend of high-quality grape varieties and premium techniques. For example, we use the free run and first pressing in our wine to help give complexity and balance alongside later pressings that to give Boco its characteristic fruit driven flavours.

A new sparkling wine has burst onto the English wine scene, made using the Charmat method and one of the first of its kind in the UK.

4) An advantage of the Charmat method is that the fermentation takes less time resulting in a wine that is full of fruit-driven flavours whilst maintaining the crispness and complexity of grapes grown in England.

5) Boco is made using a blend of Reichenstiener, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which were all grown in the south of England. The blend results in a kaleidoscope of peaches, ripe pears, a hint of raspberry and a long, clean, citrus, and green apple finish.

6) Boco pairs well with shellfish, charcuterie, canapes, and pizza. It also holds its own as an aperitif and is a perfect accompaniment to a warm summer day.

7) You can buy Boco online from www.housecoren.co.uk or by visiting the vineyard’s Wine Shed. House Coren is located at Lower Lodge Vineyard, The Haven, RH14 9BE and is open from midday until 8pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Free parking is available at the vineyard and tours are held by appointment on Saturdays at 13.00. You can book via the House Coren website.