Vicky Edwards

Birthday celebrations for Beauteek

Celebrating her Chichester-based salon’s seventh birthday, I asked Emilia Massoumian of Beauteek Holistic and Beauty Retreat how challenging running a small independent business in the current climate is.

Emily Barden

Choir set to mark Priory Park 100

Working with community choirs throughout Sussex, Emily Barden knows just what an impact a choir can have. So when she was approached by the team behind the Priory Park 100, a group dedicated to commemorating the centenary of Priory Park being given to the people of Chichester, she knew in a heartbeat how she wanted to use a choir in the closing ceremony.

Mary teaching

Story massage promotes creativity

“Combining the benefits of positive touch with the creativity and fun of storytelling, Story Massage is based on ten very simple massage strokes that are used to illustrate words to a story,” Mary told me, adding that drawing a large circle could illustrate a sun or dancing, while a gentle squeeze on the shoulders could be a hungry caterpillar or kneading dough.

Sue Gilson

Chichester Swap Shop’s ‘happy atmosphere’

“The first Swap Shop was held in 2010 and was born out of an idea my friend Jacquie Garstin and I had in the early days of environmental group Transition Chichester. We have now held more than 30 Swap Shops, four times a year,” explained Sue.

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