Storrington will rock tonight

Storrington will showcase 12 of its most talented up and coming musicians and bands nn Monday April 14.

Monday, 14th April 2014, 1:36 pm
What's on.
What's on.

Three home grown groups: Calling Curtis, Turbulence and The Crimes will headline an evening of entertainment at Sullington Village Hall.

Acoustic performances by Esme Rogers and Hannah Gilder of Steyning Grammar School along with children from Rydon Community College and St Maryʼs C of E School Washington will also perform.

The event has been organised by 20 local teenagers who are participants of the new Youth Leadership Volunteer Scheme in Storrington.

The Scheme has been funding by the Village Day Committee.

The kids have been coming together every couple of weeks to work on team building, leadership skills and self awareness.

Local Community Youth Worker and ex music industry exec Candace Bugden is leading the scheme, orchestrating the event and also runs local youth club Generate.

Proceeds from the gig will go towards providing new equipment for the club.

“It has been a joy and pleasure to help these kids put on a major community event. They have been encouraged to call upon friends and family resources to showcase the talent of their friends.

“We are all extremely excited.

I am hoping this event will spearhead similar youth orientated projects in the area”.


Calling Curtis:

Jacob Bugden

Jazz Pope

Jay McIllhagga

Isaac Swaby

Dan Jordan

The Crimes:

Alex Bugden

George Bridle

Luke Woolfenden

Luke Tolsen

Sam Perry


Oliver Gillo

Will Herian Palmer

Hannah and Jess Gilder

Esme Rogers

Romina Hytten

Tamaia Hytten

Arthur Pinkney

Lara Teanby

Zoe Rainford

Kate Armstrong

Bethany Skidmore and Jack Harding

For further info regarding Storrington Rocks, The Youth Leadership Volunteer scheme or Generate Youth Club contact: Candace Bugden on 07872 920545