Sussex riders’ Hickstead places

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EXCELLENT performances from Sussex riders saw many of them in the line-ups at the recent All England Jumping Championship show at Hickstead.

They were:1.30m Open Silver Salver- Luminus 3, David Simpson. 1.30m Open Championship- 1 Tiore and Louise Pavitt; 3 Abeer and Nicole Pavitt; 4 Amryllis Van De Heffink with Nicole Pavitt; 6 Victor Blue and Nicole Pavitt. Grand Prix-2 Urlanmore Aldi, Henry Turrell.1.20m Open Championship- 2 Victor Ludorum, Christopher Franks; 4 Blonde On Ice, Nicole Pavitt; 5 Tammy’s Girl, Leesa Long. 1.10m Open Championship- 1 Tiamo II, Leesa Long. 1.00m Open Championship- 2 Wixstone Warabel, Nikki Bedford. 1.20m Open Championship - 2nd Qualifier- 1 Our Duchess, Nicole Pavitt; 4 Victor Blue, Nicole Pavitt. 7yo & Addington Manor Ec 8yo Horse Champ 2011, 5, Coogan, David Simpson. 1.30m Open Championship - 2nd Qualifier- 1 Amaryllis Van De Heffink, Nicole Pavitt; 3 LVS No Doubt, Nicole Pavitt.

1.10m Open Championship - 2nd Qualifier- 3 Noaf, Megan Ayre; 6 Calita II, Christopher Warren; The All England 1.20m Amateur Championship- 1 Tammy’s Girl, Leesa Long; 6 Cool Impression, Louise Stoner. 1.10m Open Championship - 1st Qualifier- 4 Koko Pop, Maria Green. 1.20m Open Championship - 1st Qualifier- 3 Nicole Pavitt, Blonde On Ice. 1.00m Open Championship - 2nd Qualifier- 3 Wixstone Waravel, Nikki Bedford..

The All England 6 & 7 Year Old Championship-1 Don VHP Z, Louise Pavitt; 2 Festiana Van Texelhof, Nicole Pavitt; 4 Lupicos, Louise Pavitt; 5 Abdul Aziz , Steven Franks. Five Year Old Championship- 1 Sussex Caretino, Louise Nicole Pavitt; 3 Desert Storm II, Adnan Al-Baitony; 6 Ultimate Z, Nicole Pavitt. Four Year Old Championship- Joint 1- Lord Nederland, Louise Pavitt.1.20m Amateur Championship - 2nd Qualifier- 3 LVS No Doubt, Leesa Long. 1.10m Amateur Championship - 2nd Qualifier- 4, Baccarat, Kerrie Daykin; 5 Wispher IX, Karen Wellings; 6, Pacha II , Thibault Palm. 1.40m Open, Erlanmore Aldi, Henry Turrell. 1.00m Open Championship - 1st Qualifier- 6 Concordedor, Lori Hanan. 1.30m Open - Warm Up- 4 Zapadior, Derek McCoppin. 6 & 7 Year Old Championship - Qualifier-2 Don VHP Z, Louise Pavitt; 3 Lupicos, Louise Pavitt; 4 El-Thuder, Louise Pavitt. 1.20m Amateur Championship - 1st Qualifier. 1 Tammy’s Girl, Lisa Long. Five Year Old Championship - Qualifier

2 Sussex Caretino, Louise Pavitt; 4 Beaufort III, Alice Palmer. 1.10m Open - Warm Up, 6 Sander III, Julie Slade. Four Year Old Championship Qualifier- 4 Luxury Number, Louise Pavitt; 5, Lord Nederland, Louise Pavitt; 6, Carthagon, Nicole Pavitt.