Nikki is delighted with third place on second ladies night at Arlington

It was a great night for Haywards Heath driver Nikki Wood as she enjoyed a successful run out on the all-ladies bill at Arlington last week.

Nikki, affectionately known as Mouse, finished third as the Sussex track hosted its second banger event of the season solely for women drivers.

Back in July, Arlington hosted a particularly successful evening when despite stereotype perceptions, the ladies actually put on an excellent show of racing and wrecking.

Did this night match up for entertainment and excitement? Being totally honest, no it didn’t but it did offer something different for regulars.

Clashing still with the holiday season proved unfortunate as several top drivers were away sunning themselves on far flung beaches somewhere. The lack of numbers provided a lesson that will no doubt be learnt when next season’s schedule is worked out.

Still, more than 20 drivers ‘borrowed’ cars from husbands or boyfriends to make it onto the grid for the night’s racing and from the drop of the first green flag, the racing was certainly of interest, with several unexpected big hits thundering in that you would normally expect to see in the men’s event.

Yes, at times the racing did become predictable but this was more down to some of the drivers being more experienced around the oval track than others who were making their debut.

In the first race, as other drivers fell by the wayside, Wood kept going and her persistence was rewarded when she came home third.

The final became a battle of attrition. With cars again being nudged and spun all over the place, Nikki managed to pick her way through for another third place finish.

Racing continues this Wednesday at Arlington, when the main feature is the culmination of the South Coast Hydraulics banger league. First race is at 7.30pm.