Crawley chief executive: ‘We must talk to the fans’

Crawley Town chief executive Richard Low
Crawley Town chief executive Richard Low

Crawley Town chief executive Richard Low says regular fans forums are a must.

The first forum to take place since his arrival will be held on Monday February 4 at Broadfield Stadium, and he sees regular interaction with fans as vital in maintaining a healthy relationship.

“Of course there are certain questions that I cannot answer, such as certain transfers, but wherever possible I will try to be as honest as I can and answer as many questions as I can,” he said.

At his former club Aldershot, Low held monthly forums, which were useful in addressing speculation around the club and laying fans’ concerns to rest.

“You can deal with speculation, for example at Aldershot after the Manchester United game (last season in the League Cup), many fans thought we had earned £1million from it, it was actually £200,000 and they could not work out why we were not going out and buying lots of players,” he added.

“Once they found out what we got, it took the pressure off. At every club you get a lot of speculation that can have an adverse effect, and it’s important you can have these every month.

“It’s not just about what the fans can ask of the club, it is really valuable for me to ask fans what you think about the food or the programme. It’s a really useful thing to be able to talk to your supporters.”