Tinkering with this roundabout on the A27 won’t solve the problem

In reply to last week’s letter from Dr James Walsh, I felt compelled to write and reassure him that he was not alone in predicting that spending thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on tinkering with the roundabout at the Ford road junction with the A27 at Arundel would do nothing to solve the underlying problem.

Neither will spending millions of pounds building the proposed Lyminster Bypass from Littlehampton to join the A284 just before Crossbush help until a proper dual carriageway is built to link Crossbush roundabout with the existing dual carriageway west of the White Swan. The Highways Agency, WSCC and ADC need to work together to ensure this vital part of infrastructure is in place for the benefit of trade,tourism and local residents.

Caroline Harriott

Chairman of Lyminster and Crossbush

Parish Council