Seek out the real truth about EU

It’s time for a frank debate on Britain’s place in the European Union.

I am a keen advocate of a wholesome and constructive relationship with our European neighbours.

I believe our membership strengthens the UK’s position in the world. As the third largest country in the EU we are a key driving force behind the globe’s biggest and most powerful trading bloc.

But, let’s be honest, is it a surprise some people become exasperated by the EU?

Most people I speak to have too little information about how the EU works or what democratic controls are in place.

The deluge of fables about ‘meddling Brussels bureaucrats’ and ‘devious directives’ are plentiful in our press.

Euromyths have become a national obsession, which overshadow work by Brits in the EU working to get a better deal for the UK.

Some newspapers pedal spurious claims, such as the Commission planning busts of Jacques Delors on motorway bridges. Others have conjured up tales of Euro coins making men impotent!

But all this gets reported as fact in our press. In many cases a quote from the Commission is missing from the page.

Surely, for both the ‘in’ camp and those who want Britain ‘out’ of the EU, a debate based on fact, not fantasy, is essential?

Might I urge readers to ask questions and seek out the truth?


Liberal Democrat European Parliamentary candidate for South East England, Clays Hill, Bramber