Problems with bin collections

I must agree with the reader’s letter regarding problems over bin collection points.

When this new refuse collection service started in 2010 we were all advised where to leave our bins for collection. We had the same problem with the drivers not wanting to reverse into our cul-de-sac in Gateford Drive and started to leave our bins in another part of the road with notes advising us that our bins would not be emptied if left in the wrong place.

The residents of this particular part of Gateford Drive negotiated with council officials the driver and operative at the time, and it was agreed in a letter from the council where the bins were to be left.

This has worked well for some months, but for some reason some bins were being left again in the wrong place by some residents, which meant that our bin along with other neighbours’ bins were not being emptied, and the council had to arrange for them to be emptied the following day.

I wrote to Horsham District Council in March 2012 explaining the situation. The council replied and said that it would be looked into, subsequently nothing was done.

Last week our bins had been removed and left in another part of Gateford Drive either by the refuse operative or someone else?

This now means that if our bins are being moved further along the road the residents at the far end of our part of the road haveto drag our bins quite a long way up an incline in the road with no pavement, putting residents at risk with traffic coming into the road not expecting to see residents in the road dragging wheelie bins.

I agree that decisions made in our jobs should not be made by individuals just to make it easier for themselves without negotiation with other parties who will be impacted by their decisions.

On another note this new service which started in 2010 has caused problems with damaged bins, they are often left fallen over either in the road or on the pavement.

In December last year so many of the larger bins were left fallen over on the pavement along Rusper Road near Gateford Drive that I had to stop my car to pick some of these bins up so an elderly lady riding along on an invalid motorbility scooter could get along the pavement.

I thought that there were two operatives in the refuse truck, one to drive and the other to position some of the bins. This I would assume includes picking up any fallen bins once placed down. Obviously not!

Whilst waiting to pass some parked cars at the lower end of St Leonards Road the other day a young mum had to reposition several bins left on the pavement as she could not get by with her baby buggy.

This scheme must be costing a lot of money not just replacing damaged bins but fuel costs apart from the initial set up cost.

I would not say it is the best service, we had no problems in the past with the old system. I am all for change but it must be an improvement not just to us the customer but the environment.

Now the council is suggesting a charge to collect green compost waste, and I was led to believe that by collecting the green waste for compost that the council would sell the composted waste to make money?

Recently the County Times had an article in their paper informing readers that HDC intends to purchase top of the range iPads for several council members.

One would assume that if there are sufficient funds to purchase these iPads that there would be no need to suggest a charge on the green waste collection.


Gateford Drive, Horsham