Planners are halting progress

I read with interest last week’s letter from Mr Dixon. I have been associated with Ford Airfield for over 40 years and during that time every planning application has been a massive battle with Arun District Planners.

I have always been puzzled as to why they have adopted their policy of total refusal of anything on an area of land which has limited visual appeal and which is overlooked by a well established prison.

A recent planning application for over 100 affordable homes on a small area of land which is surrounded by existing tree screening from the road, and backed by the Rudford Industrial Estate, thus providing on site work opportunities, was finally refused on Appeal on the flippant grounds of a lack of bus service.

This lack of transport has not stopped the proliferation of housing in Horsemere Green Lane.

Seemingly Arun District Council delight in high profile applications which they consider will swell their coffers, as the larger the applicant the more finance can be squeezed for their pet policies.

One only needs to see the traffic chaos which has been caused by the new Asda Store and the similar chaos which is about to descend when the new Morrisons is opened to speculate on Arun District Council actual Planning Policies. Just who is going to visit all these Supermarkets, especially with on-line shopping becoming ever more popular?

There is ample acreage at Ford for not only affordable housing, but also the opportunities to further develop an industrial base, both of which if managed properly could reduce the carbon footprint, unlike the increased traffic which will happen with the developments on farm lands north of Littlehampton.

If we are to pull ourselves out of recession we need to increase our industrial output, service industries might provide some jobs, but they do not boost our exports which is where our national income stream comes from. A recent survey amongst businesses in West Sussex found that their biggest obstacle to progress was the planners.

What a sad indictment!

M RS L Rudd

By email