Letter: We need more open spaces, not less

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I am writing in relation to the ‘improvements’ that are to be carried out to the Sandy Vale play area.

I have seen some dreadful planning decisions made by our council and witnessed much of our green fields and open spaces disappear under concrete. We have lost so many trees and hedgerows over the years that the whole town has changed terribly.

The last, dismally small area left to us poor bricked-in folk up this end of the town is a tiny plot of land called Sandy Vale open space. This shockingly small area has to cater for an ever growing population including joggers, walkers and football players etc. I have even seen people waiting for others to leave so that they can run about on this small piece of land.

When I discovered that the council, in their infinite wisdom, was going to enlarge the seldom used playground into the already far too small open space, words failed me. To make matters worse they are proposing to fell many of our precious, perfectly healthy and beautiful oak trees to achieve this crazy scheme. People this end of the town need more open spaces, not less. We need more land to get out and about and exercise. We are being packed in like sardines and the council have made no effort to provide land for us.

Frances Cosham

Edwards Road, Haywards Heath