Letter: These rises are not fair

WHILST I acknowledge that our councillors are in full employment and that their job is to find ways of making cuts in their departments, have they not heard of, or heeded, the phrase not believed by the writer, and not, apparently, by our representatives “We are all in it together”.

While their personnel are having their wages frozen, or are being sacked they are taking rises well above inflation, and this is happening in most of our councils, so we cannot be “all in it together”, a phrase which I for one, have not believed for a second.

Witness the ten per cent for ordinary members, and a staggering 41 per cent for cabinet members for Chichester Council. Is this in line with the current economic climate?

I have no axe to grind, being retired on a pension, and belong to no political party, but I do believe in fairness and I do not believe this is to be fair, no matter how it is presented to us, the ratepayers and voters who fund these people.

P W Watson

Sussex Street