LETTER: Spend scarce funds elsewhere

A few days after the local elections last month I, like other households here, received a leaflet about the imminent replacement of street lighting in the Roffey area.

This work is being undertaken by SSE Consulting in partnership with West Sussex County Council.

The leaflet states that this is “part of a major street lighting improvement scheme to replace inefficient and aged equipment in West Sussex”.

I question whether undertaking this project at this time is the best way of of spending local taxpayers’ money at a time when WSCC is cutting other essential services.

The lights in the Coniston Close area are very adequate and I think many people would think that scarce funds might better be spent on properly repairing road surfaces in the locality including Lambs Farm Road - instead of quickly shovelling ‘tarpats’ into holes, which last no time at all.

I am told that new lampheads could well be fitted to the existing posts but the contractor is to replace all existing lampposts and all are to be relocated in new positions.

This may inevitably also involve possible roadworks to relocate associated electrical cabling. In our Close we presently have two streetlights, but new markings suggest we are to have three new ones.

I emailed Jim Rae on the matter, but he has only just been elected as councillor for Roffey and had no input into the original decision-making process.

However I have yet to hear from Mr Rae about the cost of the project.

I assume someone in WSCC has done a cost benefit analysis? I would certainly like to know what savings are projected and over what period?


Coniston Close, Horsham