Letter: Remembrance Day dismay

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Your views

Having returned from a weekend away we dashed into Tesco, Hazelwick Avenue, on 11th November, to do some food shopping.

Shortly after we arrived there was a faint loudspeaker announcement, which neither I nor my husband heard above the general noise in the store.

We continued shopping, discussing which cheese to buy, when I noticed an elderly couple hand in hand, and a young woman with her shopping at her feet, standing in silence. It was then that the awful truth hit me; it was 11 o’clock on Remembrance Day, and for the first time in my adult life I had not honoured the silence. I tried to motion to my husband, by tapping my watch, but he didn’t understand, so I only made matters worse, and the time had passed by then. We got some rather sharp looks.

I was very upset, and must apologise most sincerely to anybody in the store who was offended by our behaviour (as I would have been). It was a genuine error on our part; if only the shop had made a louder announcement, or perhaps rung a bell or something, we would have honoured this special moment as we usually do.

Jean Austin, Three Bridges