Letter: Preserving our landscape

TODAY seemed so normal from my window which faces due south towards the English Channel. The horizon was clearly visible, but at first it was difficult to see same, at low tide, or whether the early sun was shining on the sea.

The usual local dog walkers were quickly followed by about forty runners; they were colourfully dressed and may have been in a charity race.

Then came young couples with satchels, determined walkers with big backs and gradually more family groups, of all ages, some pushing prams or carrying babies. I did not see my favourite sight of an adult with a child on his or her shoulders. And if there was one person today, with a large pack, who was following the coastline of the whole of Britain, I missed him.

However, hundreds of people enjoyed relaxing here today. It just seems inconceivable that between here and Ferring the waters of the Rife could smell so obnoxious and prove so dangerous for bathing, that the public would be harmed, if a supermarket is given permission to unload its sewage therein.

Deborah Torr (Mrs)

President East Preston and Kingston Preservation Society

Kingston Gorse