LETTER: Nothing wrong with this road

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Your letters

Yet another pointless article by Nik Butler (October 23) regarding the A24. Four hundred words of nothingness. ‘We need to talk about the A24.’ Do we? ‘When will something be done about the A24?’

What does he suggest? Give it a good talking to. A bit of finger wagging or a smack on the back of the legs perhaps.

Mr Butler provides no solution of his own but revels in emotive prose, throwing in some (justified) comments on our ineffectual and declining emergency services for good measure and misses the point completely.

There is nothing wrong with this road. The vision is adequate and the surface well maintained. The problem lies with the wallies behind the wheel.

Any fool can drive fast and steer a motor vehicle but until we include road craft into driving lessons, the tragic and wasteful loss of life will continue.

Please, no more drivel about this ‘dangerous’ road.


Marringdean Road, Billingshurst