LETTER: Let’s hope for common sense

I have avoided getting involved in the debate centred around the proposed skate park facility since, in my opinion, Steyning Parish Council (SPC) have always acted in a responsible non-bias way in representing the community and taken a sensible and financially viable approach.

However, how times have changed related to the proposed skate park facility on the Memorial Playing Field. The need for this type of facility has been recognised by the community and SPC as something Steyning should have for many years but locating a suitable site has been a problem.

The key requirements have always been to select a site where:

- The noise from the facility would not be heard from local housing.

- The site should be accessible on foot over a hard surface from all directions to enable its surface to be kept clean and safe.

- An area which has overhanging trees and vegetation adjacent to the site should be avoided in the interests of safety.

- Provision of toilet facilities is essential.

- The ability for the wardens and the police to have easy patrol access to the site is essential.

The proposed site on The Memorial Playing Field meets none of these requirements.

This letter has been prompted by planning application DC/13/0903 which offers an alternative site for the skate park facility which not only satisfies the above requirements but has many other advantages including access to first aid and being adjacent to The Leisure Centre.

Let’s hope that under the guidance of the new chairman of the parish council they change direction and have the common sense to choose The Leisure Centre site.

Mike Reed

Former Chairman SPC,

The Crescent, Steyning