Letter: Leading the way

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Your views

Way back in 2006, I felt that churches had just become ivory towers for the benefit of the few so I set up the ‘heaven on Earth’ project with 12 churches.

The idea of this project was to open up our churches to the wider community and bring back our long-lost community spirit. Well, I think that has been achieved now.

Since then many Crawley churches have truly welcomed people into their churches and just last week I went to a dicesian fair in St Peter’s Church in West Green. This church has literally flung open its doors to everyone and the atmosphere and their welcome was overwhelming. Well done to all the people that made this such a special day and special thanks to Charles Dickens!

Crawley lead the way in many projects and only last week a group of adults with learning disabilities from the Action Group, who meet regularly in Crawley Baptist Church, presented their latest documentary called, Speaking Out on Hate Crime. It was a shame that apart from the mayor and mayoress, there was only one other Crawley councillor that found the time to attend. Where the dickens were all the other councillors?

Police officers from all over Sussex came along to Crawley and now want to do similar projects in their own towns too. The feedback that the police and the Action Group have received has been quite overwhelming.

I think that people will remember the name of Crawley for longer than the guy who said that Crawley was voted one of the worse places to live. What was his name?

Vanessa Kirby, Bewbush